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Finding the best niche for dropshipping is the cornerstone of having a successful eCommerce business. There’s no telling that carefully choosing a dropshipping niche could get into unrivalled opportunity to easily earn great profits!

But worry no more as we have provided you with the following list of most lucrative dropshipping niche ideas for 2018 – and will still be applicable for upcoming years! These are based on our own data analyses of what niches would likely give the most return.

So, take a look at the following profitable areas for your future business!


1. Organic and Natural Beauty

InstaShopMasters - CharcoalOrganicsBeauty

Ladies from different parts of the world are getting agog with Organic and Natural Beauty products that are now massing up the market. Both young and old women spend both time and money for these products to satisfy their urge of having beautiful skin that everyone will notice. Women from all parts of the world have one in common when it comes to taking care of themselves and that is making sure they only use organic and natural products to achieve that natural beauty they have always wanted.

Women are well aware of what they use to their skin and be very careful not to put harmful chemicals in them, going for natural beauty products is the best way of taking care of oneself without the risk of using any harmful chemicals that other products use. Not only are the products safe for their users but also it gives ample results that women want for their face or body.

In most cases natural and organic beauty products have been always the hype for choosing products that are used to the body. People are well aware of the harmful effects of chemicals that not only are overpriced but also cannot provide assurance that it will have the desired effect to their users. People spend so much money in engaging to organic and natural beauty processes that only upperclassmen could afford but that does not mean that people who don’t have the leisure for such could not have the organic and natural beauty regimen.
Products nowadays have been more focused on using natural ingredients in them that appeals to consumers that are finding beauty products that are safe and natural. Natural beauty products are the most searched in online shops for there are many varieties of beauty products that will suit the customer’s lifestyle and preferences.


2. Baby Equipment

InstaShopMasters - PicPerfectBaby

As mothers take the most extra for their babies they want what’s best for them and that is by making sure that they only give the suitable baby equipment for them. Having a child is a very delicate and mothers take the most careful step when it comes to their child’s comfort. Choosing the right baby equipment is one way to show how a mother takes utmost care for her child. Baby equipment are very useful to mothers who want comfort for their child and also have no worries for them of being harmed for this equipment provide mothers with much more assistance to keep away their children from possible harm.

Baby equipment provides not only outmost care and protection for the mother’s child but also gives her mobility to do other tasks without worrying for any danger that would come. This had been a top priority when shopping for first time mothers because it only comes naturally that a mother wants only the best care and love for her child. Mothers would even pay whatever amount for any baby equipment that they think is very suitable for her child.
There is nothing more important for any mother in the world but to keep her child safe at all times. Buying baby equipment is one way for sure that they are giving extra care of their child and also to avoid them from stress and discomfort for this will affect in the child’s development.

For mothers of any class of living have been wanting what only is good for their child for this is one way of them to show how much they really treasure their child that they do anything for the sake of keeping them in good place at all times. Baby equipment is another companion for moms in helping them taking care of their child while doing other tasks and to give them a break too.


3. Socks

InstaShopMasters - WorldwideSocksCollection

You cannot wear a pair of shoes without a pair socks. Socks have always been a partner when wearing your favorite shoes. If you are thinking that socks are a very simple piece of clothing then you are wrong for this piece of cloth does more for you. With this you can enjoy wearing your shoes without the discomfort that shoes give when you don’t wear socks. At the same time socks provide the user protection from smelly feet because of the sweat the feet will cause if one does not weak any socks that could lead to embarrassing circumstances.

Socks are not only for comfort but also they add up to even pump up someone’s style. With different styles socks are very wide when it comes to style, socks could really bring up someone’s style for socks are really improving when it comes to design and for fashion nowadays are really bursting with uniqueness and we can really see that socks are very prominent. This had been a top must buy for people who are trying to be creative in their style and also for those who are very fond of the Korean culture because style in this very blooming on creativity and every person is very stylish.

People invest money in socks because not only do they provide your feet comfort but also it gives your fashion statement a more edge and more creative. Besides all that are mentioned socks are a great way to show who you really are, socks are for everyone and for all ages, also this is a very essential piece of cloth to people who have an active or athletic lifestyle. Being active means that there would be a lot use of your body and that means feet are included. Socks protect your feet from bacteria and injuries that could harm and damage your delicate feet.


4. Cute Stationery Items

InstaShopMasters - WallDecallCountry

Writing a letter is a very special way to show love to someone or make them feel that they a special person to you and what even makes the letter more special is how it appeals to the person you are sending to. Cute stationery items are a way to even make your letter special and at the same time cute which will make the person receiving the letter appreciate your letter even more. With different styles such as cute bears or animals to galaxy themed papers that would really make your letter stand out add it with some cute stickers and with a little glitter your letter is now a very cute and special piece of writing that makes anyone who would read it very happy and will feel good to the content of your letter.

This products are on top buys for artistic people who are trying to make the most out of a letter because for them writing a letter for the person you love should not be just a piece of paper but it must be artistic and aesthetically good. Products such as these are not just for those artistic people but also for children who want to send their love to their parents and other family members.

Items such as these appear more appealing to children and engages them to writing at an early age because of the cute characters that are in them, children tend to buy items that are cute to them ones that are very appealing to their eyes and these products are a very huge must buy for them. Stationeries as this are a very good step for parents for their children to learn writing in a cute and fun way so that they won’t get bored while learning how to write with their own stationery.


5. Stress Buster Toys

InstaShopMasters - KidsPlayfulTherapy

Stress had always been present to those who are working either in office or outside work. Stress is always a difficult way to deal with and people have tried many ways to relieve the stress of work for a while like going to spa, doing things that they like, or even just take a rest. But all of these are just few of them and all of them have one thing in common and that is they lack the sense of fun, yes they provide relaxation and fun for you get to distance yourself from stress but it doesn’t really give you the sense of fun like playing does. And that is how stress buster toys came into being, they are toys intended for adults who suffer from stress but do not want to cost more just to relax.

These toys are designed to relieve stress without spending much and not really going away just to find relaxation. These toys are very handy and very small but very soft and squishy, they come in all shapes and sizes that every adult will love and they come in cute forms from cute donuts to cute and squishy cats that you could just held in your hand and squeeze in your hands.

These toys are very much fond to adults who are finding ways to deal stress in the office even for a short while or they can just get it at any time they want. Stress toys are a very fun way and easy way to fight stress whenever and wherever you are it’s easy to be carried and it won’t cost you much. This hand held toy in which you can squeeze it in your hand will somehow ease you from all the stress that you experience while at work.


6. Home Decor, Wall Stickers

InstaShopMasters - GoDealCrazy

Home is where we go whenever another tiring day ends. We come to our home after school, work, and any other task outside our home. The place where we live is very important to us for it protects us from the world outside; it shelters us from the rain, from the heat of the sun, and any other forces of nature. There will always come a day where you invite some guests to come in your house so what would you do if your house is not presentable? This is where home decor and wall stickers enter the scene.

One way to make any living space more beautiful is to put decorations in it. With these decorations a room could go from being dull and lifeless into a beautiful and a lively space in the house and you can be proud of showing your guests around the house and let them be amazed by the home decors you have. People have always wanted to impress visitors so in order to do that they spend on home decorations to make their houses ready for guests to visit.

Our very own rooms are our personal space and shows that you really are and putting wall stickers would give a nice vibe to someone’s room because of the various designs it has and everyone will have something to choose. With cute patterns and shapes it will surely be a true display of creativity to someone’s room. This sticker is also suitable for children’s room to even make their room more fun with their favorite cartoon character sticker to every wall in their room will surely make them jump for joy. Wall stickers give life to the simple corners of one’s room surely it’s a must buy for all families who would want to light up and give their home a nice and creative make over.


7. Handmade Items

InstaShopMasters - TheCigarDistrict

No gift is more appreciated than the ones that were handmade; made by hands of workers that working on every intricate detail of each product they made to fully showcase craftsmanship. These kinds of gifts are very ideal especially to those who are fond of crafts for the hand alone makes beautiful crafts that really capture hard work and intense labor of the one who made it. Handmade products are made with natural materials that can be seen in nature that means it’s recycling all things that can be seen in nature or recycled materials that can help reduce waste in the community, so these products not only will cost less but also it helps reduce and repair our environment.

Theses handmade items are very affordable that is why they are very appealing to customers who are searching for gifts that are affordable but the product is beyond the price. What makes handmade items standout is that they are not made of anything that is harmful to the consumers and also its durability is what makes it even more an ideal gift because handmade products don’t break easily unlike other products that are mass produced yet their durability is questionable unlike of those handmade items.

Gifts are to be well thought of and should last a lifetime for this serves as a remembrance from someone on their special day that’s what gifts should be so I recommend that in choosing gifts try considering those handmade items rather than solely relying to processed products just for the sake of giving someone a gift for their birthday. People tend to spend less on these products for they are made of natural materials so that means the price is affordable to anyone and they can even buy lots of it without even worrying about the price.


8. Pet Supplies

InstaShopMasters - PoshPetAccessories

Pets are our only companions at our loneliest times and they are always there for you no matter what happens they are always there to comfort their owner and make them smile even in their cute and funny little acts. Pets are peoples best friends whether what from or size they have they will always be there for their masters. As pets are also living and breathing organisms like us humans, pet owners must be responsible for their daily needs like shelter, food, and love.

Pet supplies are products mainly for taking care of your beloved pets from grooming them and make them smell and look good. These products are usually found in pet stores but they already have fixed amounts that are quite unfair for some, so people are searching online for affordable pet supplies and it shows that there are so many people buying pet supplies. This is a simple way to give back to the love the owners receive from their pets. All that a dog could need is all in from food, bath essentials, to cute little costumes for their pets to wear.

Pet supplies are very in demand today for more and more people want to take care of their pates even more and they want to take care of them but it won’t cost them much if possible. Mainly pet supplies are a big hit to pet owner’s around the world especially to dog owners are very well known to be the top buyers of pet supplies for their dogs. Dogs are among the pets that really require much attention and care for they are so active, and mostly they are the dominant and preferred pets by all people in general.

These products are very ideal to give to your friends that are really pet lovers it would surely bring a smile not only to them but to their beloved pets.


9. Environment-Friendly Stuff


We are well aware of the changes that are going on to our environment and with these in mind we try to save our only home; Earth. Many groups start their campaigns on saving the environment and made all sorts of things just to convince other fellowmen to do the same for our home is the home of other generations yet to come. But such acts should start to what we use in our own home; changes start in small but with effort and people who support it will make a huge difference. Environment friendly products have been really at the concern today.

From beauty products to appliances they are now well aware of how their products affect the environment so they innovate new ways not to further damage it but help in repairing it. We can see that in every product that they claim that when using their product will not do harm to the environment. Environment friendly items are very demand when shopping online even in stores. Beauty products don’t use any chemicals and so are appliances which is contributing to greenhouse gases in the past but now brands have innovated new products that are not releasing harmful substances to the environment.

Environment friendly products are best gifts to give in the current situation we have in our surroundings today. We have to give something’s that not only is functional but also is not harmful to others, what’s the use of functionality if you are affecting everybody with the product you are using. It’s very wise for consumers also to prefer supporting environment friendly stuff because not only are these products safe and helps save the environment but also they will cost you less unlike other products that are not made of materials that are costly and harmful.


10. Travel Accessories

InstaShopMasters - CaptainCamping

When travelling we have to have our things ready and be sure that we don’t leave anything important. Travelling is a very fun and exciting experience because yu get to be on new places and discover new food, culture, religion, and many more. With this unique experience we have to make the most out of it. Travel accessories are a must have for people who have the thirst for new adventures and great experiences. Travel items are products that are very convenient for travelling for they are useful and functional. They have designs that are very suitable for the people on the go and want to travel with ease and not worry of their luggage to drag them down along the way.

These items are made to make a traveler’s adventure be more fun and fully do the things he wants to do. Also travel accessories prioritize not only to the comfort but also to secure their belongings. Travel accessories have safety compartments to keep all the important things that a traveler could need from passports and plane tickets to gadgets and money; they have compartments to protect their customers belongings. Travel accessories are one of the must buy items online for more and more people are able to afford travelling nowadays.

Travelling is no fun if your luggage is dragging you on the road, and travel accessories are the way to make your adventure fun and less stressful. Travel accessories are not only useful, also they have long lasting durability, which means it can be used for anytime for a long span of time for its durability and it’s safety features. People are spending on travel accessories now for there are more and more varieties coming out that appeals to every type of traveler, whether they are the on the go type, or the always ready type, they always have the perfect and suitable travel needs for every person.


11. Religious Items and Clothing

Religious items and clothing are the new products that are having more and more attention today. As people have their own religion they want to show in every way possible to show their devotion and support to their own religion. Catholics have many ways to show their devotion and love to their saints; from carved idols, to rosaries, and even when it comes to home accessories and almost everything.

Religious clothing has been a new trend to the fashion industry, it’s not only unique but also it shows how creative people are when it comes to finding ways to show their faith and religion. This new trend is appealing to those folks that want to stay on trend and also be religious at the same time. There are various religious items that can be seen in online stores and some are of really good quality that’s why it brings many customers to buy it. Religious clothing is clothes that resemble icons or even pictures of the saints or gods in every religion or any quote that is relevant and famous to their religion.

With this in mind you can give this items to someone you know who is very close to his or her faith. These items will mean much to those people who are really searching for an effective way to be more in touch to their religion and that is by giving them religious items and clothing. With this people would much more appreciate their religion, in the time we have now people are so busy dealing with other things that they forget to give time on their religion, with this we can make time to think about our connection to god and also make us remind that even in our busy schedule we have to make time for our religion.


12. Men’s Grooming Products

InstaShopMasters - MisterMetrosexual

Men of today are more meticulous when it comes to taking care of their selves. Men nowadays are more conscious of their self because today looks are another important aspect to them. Looking good is not only to make the ladies look at them but also it’s for them to be ready for job and be presentable. Men are almost on the level of women when it comes to grooming, they spend money on facial remedies, shavers, or even make up. Grooming products are not only for women but also for men unlike in old times grooming is mostly related to women but today people are recognizing equality for both and so grooming is now for both men and women.

Men today have been really aware to skin remedies that they try different products to solve their skin issues. Mostly men buy grooming products with regards to their hair, face, and body. From top to bottom men must be well groomed for this is to show their attitude and their lifestyle. Men tend to give time to groom themselves for their girlfriends for women like men who look good and this gives them a sense of pride to them and they can proudly say that their man is looking good and they could walk the streets with confidence.

Men are searching for grooming products online and some of it that is appealing to them is products that are for skin care, hair products, perfume, and products to deal with excess hair in the body. All of these products are the essential grooming items for men to be ready for any occasion at any time. Grooming for men today has been a part of their daily routine and this shows that they have been aware that how they would look outside matters for grooming is not only for women but also for men.


13. Fan Merchandise

InstaShopMasters - CosplayLoveDistrict

We all have been a fan of something from movies, music, and cartoons and we came into a certain situation where your support is not just by watching it or be updated to their show but more on buying things that are related or seen in the shows things that are used by our idols. Those things are called fan merchandise; these are products that are mainly focused to a certain show, game, movie, or idol. These products are appealing to avid fans of any age when they are really hooked up to anything that is very interesting for them.

These merchandises are very well searched online and some because for some people these merchandises fulfill their goal to support the things they love. Some even buy collector’s item which are very limited and very rare but the prices are not an issue for them because they get what they want and that’s what matters for them. Fan merchandise items are not only for collection they can be an investment for the longer you keep these items the higher the price when the items are limited and hard to find.

Fan merchandise are mostly related to anime, games, music, and all other things and with theses in mind people are going on and on of buying what everything their idols are using and buy items with the face and likeness of them in everything they buy. Avid fans of merchandise are the top customers spending lots just to buy fan merchandises for this is their way of showing their love and support for the artist they follow and love for a long time.

Fan merchandises also reminds the fans of how cool and awesome their idols are and it’s a way for them to somehow fantasize and dream that their idol is  close them and this kind of feeling is the reason for them to buy fan merchandises.


14. Beauty Products

InstaShopMasters - ForeverYoungStation

Women must always look good and presentable to everyone around her, that difficult task is made possible with her trusted beauty products. beauty products have been around for a long time and they come from different shapes and kinds and ingredients. These beauty products help women achieve their desired skin that will make anyone look at them, having good skin for women is a priority for people today tend to judge from the outer appearance and women don’t tolerate such acts so in order to avoid criticism they have to do the labor of keeping their selves look good and be presentable.

Women all over the world are the top consumers of beauty products mainly cosmetics, facial and skin care products. These items are a woman’s companion into achieving a look that would impress all. Women spend more of their money on beauty products because their physical feature is a important asset for them whereas men can do less grooming and still it won’t be noticed because it not really of an issue that men have to take care of themselves for they do hard work and have little time for such things. Beauty products are an investment for a beautiful appearance can help a woman boost her confidence and be more motivated to everyday challenges she does.

Beauty products are very much a most searched item online for in online shopping women can find different products that are suitable for them and they are able to choose different varieties of products to further improve their beauty and maintain it. Choosing the right product for a certain type of person may vary thus searching online is the most convenient way for searching the right one not only it will save you from driving but also saves time for you because you don’t have to go outside and just be at home.


15. Video Blogging/Vlogging Equipment


In the advancement of technology people are getting more and more creative in taking photos and tell stories on what they discovered new. And the new medium of sharing new to other people is by Vlogging and Blogging. With the use of computers and the internet blogging and vlogging is very prominent now and it inspires other people to start making their very own vlog and do blogging. This type of passion is very difficult without the proper equipment and the one stop shop for finding proper equipment for such hobby is online. This equipment is cameras and other accessories needed to take any photo or video more beautiful and very crisp and clear. This type of media is very challenging and hard without the proper equipment thus finding the perfect equipment to start your own blog is one step towards your success in making a blog.

Vlogging is very well seen on Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Vlogging really requires a lot of equipment for you are dealing with motions and light to portray a certain situation you want other people to watch and that means more equipment are used for such things. Taking this kind of profession require lots of preparation in terms of money for it rely solely to the person doing the vlog. Vloggers are investing so much money on gadgets and equipment for them to make their videos more appealing and hook people to watch it. Vlogging and Blogging are the very new artistic way of showing the daily life we are currently living right now, with the help of their works we get to see new things and get us inspired to go and see them ourselves, though it’s a very costly step the fulfillment and the feeling of happiness while doing all these things are very rewarding thus making these people do more of it and share it to us.

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It is also important to take into consideration your personal preference on what to sell online based on your interests, passion, or likes.

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